About Us

Ratau Thato


Electrical Engineering Technologist/ University postgraduate student/ Research assistant/ Product developer/ Student Tutor/ Student Mentor/ Project manager/ ECSA Engineering Technologist candidate/ IPET recognized

Ratau_Thato Projects & Tutoring is a youth, black-owned company specializing in tutoring students at the college/university level and also helping/assisting in various projects( industrial projects/academical projects). Ratau Thato is a humble, considerate individual who is always willing to assist other students in reaching their academic goals. It all began when Thato obtained his academic results for the “S3 modules” in the second semester of 2017. Within the university, a “mathematics tutor” position was advertised. After completing the application procedure and getting shortlisted for interviews, he was fortunate enough to be hired as a “Mathematics tutor”. The majority of the pupils he tutored were part-time students (Friday and Saturday classes), and others were unable to attend for different reasons. That’s when Thato realized there was a hole in the market that needed to be addressed. The encouragement he received from students and staff members encouraged him to continue teaching, but not in the mathematics department. only. Other services provided by the organization include the fundamentals of MATLAB, which is one of the most widely used simulation tools in most institutions and industries.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure that every learner becomes a winner through our comprehensive and specialized tutoring and development programmes. In using our programmes to develop learners to become self-sustaining, self-employed adults, will contribute positively to the economy, society and academically.

Our vision

Our vision is to always deliver on our promises at all times and through our customized support in turning every learner’s dreams into reality by giving every learner the opportunity to build strong self-esteem and confidence, achieve their personal goal academically .