A young, black-owned business called Ratau T Projects & Tutoring focuses on tutoring college and university students as well as providing support for a range of projects (including academic and industrial ones). Ratau Thato is a modest, compassionate person who always wants to help other students succeed academically. Thato received his academic results for the “S3 modules” in the second semester of 2017, and that was when everything started. A vacancy for a “math tutor” was advertised within the institution. After completing the application process and being selected for interviews, he had the good fortune to be hired as a “Mathematics tutor.” Most of the students he helped were part-time students (attending school on Friday and Saturday), and some couldn’t attend for various reasons.

That was the moment Thato understood there was a market gap that needed to be filled. He was inspired to keep teaching, but not just in the mathematics department by the support he received from the students and staff. One of the most popular simulation programs in most organizations and industries, MATLAB, is one of the other services offered by the company.

Through our extensive and specialized tutoring and development programs, we hope to ensure that every learner succeeds. By using our programs to help learners become independent, self-sufficient adults, they will benefit the economy, society, and academics.

Our vision is to always fulfill our commitments, and through our individualized support, to help every student realize their academic aspirations and bring their ambitions to life by giving them the tools they need to develop healthy self-confidence and strong self-esteem.

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