I refer to Thato as my ‘personal lecturer’. Whenever I face academic challenges I know who exactly to turn to. He has the ability to make you understand even the most complicated things. With his assistance and proper guidance, i managed to learn the basics of Simulink, Arduino and 3D designs. He teaches with so much passion which in turn makes you want to learn and do more

Mgabe PV

Thato is very very good, my last time to do mathematics was 2003 but he made it easier for me to remember mathematics 1 & 2, the subject is easily approachable with his tutoring, I normally do not attend classes as I’m working but he tried his best to let me understand, I managed to get 100% in class test 2 & 90 % in semester test 2 due to his tutoring, he is excellent

Shivuri E

He is good ,it was really a blessing to know him. I didn’t understand mathematics , but after meeting with Thato now I understand. He is passionate in teaching. I’ll really encourage him to explore more in teaching. I rate him 120% .

Chiloane L